What are the World’s Top 8 Strangest Riverslots Casino Games?

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Players can choose from a wide variety of casino games, but riverslots casinos provide some of the most intriguing and unusual ones. These games frequently have special rules and gameplay that are not available at other gambling establishments. 

Check out some of the riverslots casino games if you want a fresh and thrilling gaming experience. Who knows, you might discover a new game you love!

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The Jewish community enjoys playing the four-sided spinning game known as the Dreidel during the Hanukkah holiday. A different letter, such as Gimel, Nun, Shin, or Hei, is shown on each side of the rotating toy, which together forms the phrase “a beautiful miracle occurred there.”

Each participant starts the game by aiming for between 10-15 things, which can range from chocolate to pennies. Dreidel is commonly played by two to four players. When everyone has their assigned items, one of them is added to the “pot” at the start of each turn.

After then, each player takes a turn and flips the Dreidel once. Depending on which side it lands on, the player either wins or loses money from the pot. Gimel says all, Hei says only half, Nun says nothing, and Shin says to bring it in. 

By the end of the game, the person with the most objects collected wins! Dreidels are still a significant element of Jewish culture today and are played with and appreciated by both kids and adults. It’s a pleasant game that’s now being played for real money in gaming establishments. So make sure to give it a try whether you’re playing for fun or for real money!

Belgian Birdsong

Belgian Birdsong is a kind of unusual game where songbirds are caged and scattered all over the sweepstakes floor. The next step is for the players to place bets on the bird they think can sing the loudest and for the longest. 

The winner is chosen based on who succeeds on both of the aforementioned factors, as each bird must sing in turn. Despite the fact that it may seem cruel, the birds are well-cared for and often live long lives. 

In actuality, many of the birds that participated in Belgian Birdsong had already finished competing in other singing contests. As a result, they have access to plenty of food and water and can live out their days in comfort. Belgian Birdsong can be the ideal gambling experience for you if you’re looking for something distinctive.


A Betsoft slot machine named The Slotfather is based on the 1974 movie The Godfather. The Italian Mafia is back to their old tricks, and they want you to help them in their never-ending search for money, gold, and coins! It contains five reels and 30 pay lines, but unlike other slots, it lacks a wild symbol.

With four unique and thrilling extra shots, Slotfather contains 11 symbols with variable high and low values that can be activated. In this slot machine game, players who create the right combinations can win fantastic rewards including ten free spins and a payment of up to three times the line win amount! Even a progressive jackpot that can be won at any moment is available!

Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken

One of the strangest casino games in the world is called Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken, often known as the Chicken Challenge. Ginger is well-known for being the game’s leader after she practically eliminated every challenger. 

In order to challenge the bird, one must first go close to her using switches, then make their move by pressing a button that corresponds to the X, and Y placed on the tic-tac-toe grid while respectfully waiting for the bird to peck about in her cage. The winner of Ginger’s game might take home up to $10,000! 

Jack Hammer

A cartoon-styled slot machine game from NetEnt, Jack Hammer tells the tale of Jack, a private eye, as he battles Don Crabby and his thugs. The symbols and movements in the game are accurate to their 1930s setting. 

The control panel has a sliding control to change the volume level and is well-marked and straightforward to operate. This game is distinct since it features 15 independently rotating reels and 25 fixed lines. 

Additionally, the standard Advanced Autoplay function from NetEnt lets you set the game to play automatically for anywhere between 10 and 1000 spins and schedule stops for particular wins or the activation of Free Spins.

Rodent Roulette

The game of rodent roulette is far more exciting than the standard roulette wheel! Other animals have been employed in the past, but usually, a rat or a gerbil is used. Just like in a conventional game, players place bets on an even/odd number or a colored pocket of black/red. 

A mouse is placed in a box on the wheel and will eventually hide inside one of the holes rather than the croupier spinning the wheel and sending a ball into it. If the animal decides to vanish in the one you selected, you win! 

Although some people believe this game goes too far and gaming establishments have previously been penalized for animal cruelty, it is unquestionably one of the most intriguing interpretations of a gaming establishment and it is safe for the roulette rodent!

Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is a good-paying river slot machine game that is enjoyable and amusing. When the rainbow appears in a winning combination, it acts as the game’s wild symbol and raises the payout. 

The scatter symbols L, U, C, K, Y, and six other images pay either left to right or right to left. When four or more scatter symbols are seen, the Lucky 6 extra feature is enabled. As the name suggests, there are a lucky 6 scatter symbols in this slot machine. 

This is what draws people to it. In addition to the free spins, other versions provide distinct rewards. Six reels and 10 pay lines make up Lucky 6. 

The rabbit, four-leaf clover, toadstool, diamond ring, golden horseshoe, pot of gold, Leprechaun’s shoes, and toadstool are among the other fortunate and lucrative symbols in the Lucky 6 slot machine game. Because each of these symbols offers a unique prize to the player, playing Lucky 6 is entertaining and profitable.

Cyrus The Virus Slot Machine

One of the most entertaining and oddball games available is the 5-reel, 5-pay line sweepstakes game Cyrus the Virus. The several virus cell types that align in advantageous configurations are the focus of the entire game. 

A free re-spin is given to you each time the Cyrus the Virus slot machine’s wild symbol on reel 3 expands to fill the entire reel. This riverslots casino game is probably one of the strangest because of the topic, which has a distinctive style. 

An engaging experience is provided by the upbeat electronic music playing and the stunning graphics on a viral green backdrop. Despite its humorous tone, this game offers players a perplexing glimpse into the world of cells and viruses. It is an incredibly original game that will undoubtedly instruct and amuse players of all ages.

These are just a few of the strangest Riverslots Casino Games. If you’re ready to try your hand at casino gaming, be sure to brush up on your casino game strategy. With a little luck and a lot of smarts, you could be a big winner in no time!

World’s Top 8 Strangest Riverslots Casino Games FAQs

How can I tell if a game is unbiased?

Slots of Vegas provides a variety of fair casino games. All of the games' Random Number Generators (RNGs) have been independently tested and approved by TST as being fair and random.

How do I win riverslots casino games?

There is no sure way to win riverslots casino games, but there are certain strategies that you can use to improve your chances. One of the most important things is to choose your games carefully.

Some games are easier to win than others, so it pays to know which ones to play and which ones to avoid. Another important tip is to search for strategies for your game of choice like googling “baccarat casino game strategy”.

By following these simple tips, you can increase your chances of winning at Riverslots Casino.

Does Riverslots Casino provide free spins?

They strive hard to provide their players with the best experience since they cherish each and every one of them. It all begins with their free spins welcome celebration, which is a great way for new players to get started.

They also have a loyalty program that recognizes and rewards their most loyal customers. Furthermore, they offer 24/7 customer care so you can always obtain help when you need it.