Top 10 Online Casinos in India

Top 10 Online Casino in India

If you are someone who takes an interest in casinos, you must be in search of some of the best online casinos in India. Well, if you are already confused with the huge range of options available in the market, then here we are to help you get rid of your confusion and find the best choices for your needs. The online casino games in India that we have chosen are legal and offer a good welcome bonus with a wide range of games to choose from.  

However, there are some operators of casinos who are recently planning to shut off the market in the current years; it can become difficult for you to choose one. Thankfully, the list that we have prepared is of the trusted online casino India that will not restrict you to play irrespective of the market condition. We have made sure that these are secured and accepted Indian currency along with a range of payouts and variations of games. 

Before you straightaway jump into names, we will first have a look at the way we choose the casinos. 

How Do We Select Our Best Online Casinos India? 

Well, now that you have got an idea that we are going to find out the names of the top casinos in India, you must be wondering about the way we choose. You must be thinking about the criteria that we keep while choosing them. 

  • Variety of games: We keep in mind that different players have different requirements. Therefore in order to make online casinos even more fun for the gamers, the online casino operator must offer a range of games to the people. This gives you a chance to select from a range of options. Therefore while we mention the names, we make sure that the online casino game offers you a wide range of options from slot machines to table games so that it becomes a choice for everyone with varied interests. 
  • Licensing and Fairplay: This is one of the major things that we check and which is their license. In the modern markets of India, there is a need for casino operators to have licenses. This makes us sure that the casino site is fair, reputed, and legit. 
  • Bonus Quality: There is no doubt that we all look for ways to get those extra things and nothing but the bonuses do that when it is about casinos. Thus, we take into account the regularity and size of the bonus and list the names of the online casinos that have minimal wagering needs that would result in maximizing the winnings.
  • User experience: The reality is most of the casino sites are not from India, and therefore we try to find out the sites that have a great UX so that it becomes easy for the Indian players to play and keep winning. Some of the most common things that we check include the currencies, themes, and payment modes. 

Top 10 Online Casinos in India 

  1. ROYAL PANDA: Exceptional Game Variety
  2. SPIN CASINO: Overall a Great Online Casino
  3. PLAYOJO: Great For Bingo
  4. LEOVEGAS: Good choice for Sports
  5. ROYAL VEGAS: Fantastic choice for live games
  6. EUROPA: Good choice for Blackjack
  7. GENESIS: Nice choice for slots
  8. JACKPOT CITY: Great choice for VIP scheme
  9. WHEELZ CASINO: Amazing rewarding program
  10. CAXINO CASINO: Attractive Game Selection

1. ROYAL PANDA: Exceptional Game Variety


Royal Panda is one of the most popular online casino gaming sites in India that is similar to the size and popularity of Leo vegas. This legit online casino site offers you more than 3000 games to play. The operator of this online gaming site is owned by a known brand that has years of knowledge and experience. The sophisticated and unmatched user experience delivered to its users by Royal Panda makes it one of the best-known online casino sites in India with a wide variety of gaming options. 

The best part about the game is the fantastic selection of liver dealer and video poker games available, along with some of the most popular games like Blackjack and Roulette. It has tight security included in it, along with a fast withdrawal system. 

However, we still would like to see more generosity in the bonus system, keeping the fact in mind that the bonuses are pretty much more frequent than others. You will also find some of the most progressive jackpots available, along with a fantastic customer service team backing it. 

  • More than 3000 games
  • Frequent Bonuses
  • Fast payouts
  • Attractive welcome bonus

2. SPIN CASINO: Overall a Great Online Casino

The spin casino is one of the best online casino sites available in India that has successfully taken over the other every requirement that we look for when we say the best. Due to all of its reasons, this is considered one of the very best online casinos in India. 

No wonder this is a legal site in India that has got an immense reputation in the market with a range of attributes along with having everything that you will probably look for in a casino game site. We like almost everything about this online casino but the only thing that it is still missing is the sportsbook. Apart from this, this is one of those very few online casinos that offer a huge reward program as a welcome bonus to its Indian players. 

With a huge range of games included along with the comfy user interface, this online casino has become one of the best choices for people. Besides, this online casino stands out from others with the big collection of slot games that it has. It has probably something for everyone in the market irrespective of the varied range of preferences. 

  • Exceptional range of games
  • Demo gaming option
  • Fantastic User interface
  • Jaw-dropping welcome bonus

3. PLAYOJO: Great For Bingo

PlayOjo is the next one on our list that has become a common choice for most Indian players. This is definitely great news for casino lovers. This is a renowned site in Britain that has gained a huge acclamation with the fantastic choice of bingo games included in it. This is one of the major choices of the Bingo players who would love to play from the fantastic choices of games and bonuses offered in Bingo. If you are the one who loves to play Bingo on your smartphone, you can still do that as PlayOjo has over 700 games for Bingo lovers. 

Apart from the specialization that they hold for Bingo, they also have the slot games that Indian players would definitely love. Indian plates are treated with 500 free spins while they create their account on this site. Besides, there are more than 1000 slots that you can choose from. From the 80 live games that they have, it becomes even better for you to choose. 

One of the best things about PlayOjo is the amazing user interface, the number of banking options, and the fast withdrawals that they offer to the users. No denial that the Skrill and Neteller deposits that you can make of PlayOjo need fees. No wagering needs is one of the major bonuses of this casino game. 

  • Range of bingo games
  • Over 1000 Slots
  • No Wagering needs
  • Clean user interface

4. LEOVEGAS: Good choice for Sports

Leo Vegas is known for being one of the top online casinos in India. It would not be an injustice to say that this is among the absolute best casinos available in India because of the huge collection of mobile-first casino games and casino collections that you find here. The unusual games that it has in its collection, along with the sportsbook, make it the best choice for people who love to play casino games. 

Sportsbook is something that we would like to talk about here as this is one of the very few sports that you will find is available for Indian players. No doubt that this is one of the best. The range of sports variety that is found here is exceptionally great, along with offering a good number of promotional offers to the users. Even when the European leagues are one of the prime attractions of this game, you will also find a range of Indian teams and leagues available to wager. Apart from this, we are also fascinated with the live odds features which will keep you updated and get the statistics. 

One of the best things about it is the way you can switch from a sportsbook to an online casino in just a click. From the range of online casino games that you find here, like Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and slots, it can become easy for you to choose. However, one of the most disappointing things is that poker is still not available. However, the user experience of this app is fantastic, and the app can win multiple rewards. Along with 24/7 customer support availability, this casino is definitely worth appreciating. 

  • Sportsbook availability
  • Live casino games
  • Great promotions

5. ROYAL VEGAS: Fantastic choice for live games

When we think about casinos, we think of Las Vegas, which is definitely thousands of kilometers away from India. Besides, not everyone can travel to Las Vegas. This offers the Indian players the range of online casinos available these days like Royal Vegas can offer them to enjoy the same experience as that of the real-time casinos. The noteworthy theme makes it even spectacular along with easy to use. Keeping in mind the diverse range of players, it has great site navigation along with some of the classic games that are included in the game. 

You will also find a huge number of live casino games available on the site that can become helpful for you to acquire a great and authentic gaming experience. Besides, the live games available here are some of the best that you have witnessed. No doubt that this is our best pick when it comes to choosing the best live casinos available in India. 

One of the slightly disappointing aspects about it is that these games are offered just by one provider; however, it has received very few complaints. No doubt that Microgaming is the leading name in the world of online casinos where you can expect to get some of the smooth graphics work, huge jackpots, and fantastic gameplay. 

  • Best live games
  • Over 500 casino games
  • Fanatics mobile app
  • Excellent user interface

6. EUROPA: Good choice for Blackjack

When it comes to enjoying the best time playing casinos, then you must try Europa casino. This is one of the top online casinos available for Indian players. Even when it is not located in India, it is legal for Indian players. It accepts Indian currencies and makes use of the fantastic software for the people so that they can play pretty easily without facing any hassle. 

The amazing range of games that it has, which is almost over 400 games, helps the players to make the best choice. These include mostly scratch games and slot games that consist of an impressive range of slots that you can choose. However, you can also find some of the usual tables here that include baccarat and Roulette. 

There is no doubt that Europa is a renowned casino site available in India for the fans of Blackjack with a fantastic site that has a huge variety of some of the most popular card games. Some of the most common ones include blackjack Switch, 21 Blackjack Due, Double Action Blackjack. Apart from this, the wagering needs to be higher compared to the other sites, however, we like one thing about it, and it is the bonus that is offered on a regular basis. 

  • Fantastic range of Blackjack games
  • VIP clubs
  • Over 400 games
  • Amazing welcome bonus

7. GENESIS: Nice choice for slots

Genesis is the NetEnt Casino that offers it the prime seal for further approval. NetEnt is known for being one of the largest software providers available in India, which makes them an authentic choice. You will find more than 1000 games packed here together that come with the best gameplay and amazing graphics. You will find a range of games available here, which includes slots, Blackjack, Roulette, baccarat, and a lot more. You can also find live dealer games available here. 

However, one of the unfortunate aspects of this casino operator is that they do not have any VIP program or loyalty scheme. This can find a generous welcome bonus from this casino operator for the new players. Besides, the fantastic customer support is another pro that add to its popularity. You will also find a number of banking options available here. 

  • Fantastic customer support
  • Over 1000 casino games available 
  • Progressive slots
  • Amazing welcome bonus

8. JACKPOT CITY: Great choice for VIP scheme

Jackpot city is again another most popular online casino available for Indian players. This is available for a long time. It was founded back in 1998 when we hardly knew about casinos. Even when it does not seem very stylish but units has a range of gaming options that will give you an authentic feel. However, the online casino has a very clean interface and a navigable website which makes it a good choice for the players who are willing to play in casino games that have zero fuss. 

Even when the aesthetic of the website is not that pleasing, what compelled us to list it here is the amazing VIP programs. You will find a range of advantages and can get quicker clearance. You can also find regular promotions and bonuses, which include cashback and spins, along with the fantastic customer service offered by them. Apart from this, this online casino in India is similar to Europa as it holds specialization in Blackjack. You can find more than 300 slots for playing. Besides, you can also find video poker. 

  • Over 300 slots 
  • Great rewards for the loyal customer
  • Old yet authentic online site 

9. WHEELZ CASINO: Amazing rewarding program

This is another online casino that will welcome you with some familiar faces and put a smile on your face. David Hasselhoff is the name who will welcome you. Well, this is not something that has made us list the casino in the list of the top online casinos in India, but there is more to it. 

One of the most common things that we like about it is the welcome bonus that it offers to the new players. No wonder we all want a good and hefty welcome bonus which is thoroughly taken care of by them. Apart from this, you will be mesmerized by the amazing collection of games available here, along with the graphics present.

Even when it is a newly founded casino, the creators of these online casinos have been in the market for a long time, and therefore they made sure that the players remain entertained.  

  • Fast withdrawals
  • Fantastic themes
  • Amazing customer service

10. CAXINO CASINO: Attractive Game Selection

This is also a new one on the list. Casino Casino is definitely a good choice in terms of its casino games. They have more than 100 titles that can help you to find something that you will like. Irrespective of your choice, you will always find something here that will please you. 

From the range of games available here like wheel-based games, baccarat power, Blackjack, dice, and wheel-based games, you will always find something here that will keep you stuck to them. Most of the games are offered by professional live dealers. 

  • Amazing live casino
  • Fantastic Game Selection
  • Compelling jackpot games


Which are the popular casino games in India?

There is a range of casino games available in India. However, some of the most favorite ones include:

Blackjack: This is mostly chosen by people, and it has a huge variety available for the people. You will also find the blackjack tournaments available, and the best part of this game is that it is very simple to play.

Roulette: you will find a small revolving wheel that consists of a ball that is tossed. When it lands on the number of colors you choose, you will win.

Baccarat: This is one of the glamorous casino games available for the Indians to play. Here two players compete with each other to win.

Are online casinos legal in India?

As per the State Law, yes, online gambling is now legal in India. There are no laws that can stop the Indians from taking part in online casino games for real money in India. However, it is still recommended to read the term and conditions before using them.

Is Indian Rupee accepted?

Yes! Most of the written names accept Indian currency. However, if it doesn't, you can use the exchange service that is offered by the online casinos. The names that we have mentioned above are some of the searched ones that not only accept Indian current but also have a range of transaction modes available for the Indian players. 

How long does it take to get the winnings?

This can vary from one to another casino. Therefore you need to check their withdrawal section and read the term and conditions offered by them. For fast withdrawal, it is mostly recommended to use e-wallets. However, there are different other methods available with online casinos in India these days.

Final thoughts: So now that you have got a complete knowledge of the online casinos available in India, I hope it will become easy for you to choose the top online casino in India. No doubt that in India, the online casino market is not that huge yet, but with the passing days, it is becoming bigger and better. However, the names mentioned above can be relied on very easily. 

So, thank you for making it here. I hope you have got the information about the best online casinos in India. At Online Casino Ratings, we strive to give you authentic information and knowledge so that you can enjoy playing some of the top online casino slot games in India.